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  • What about consent?
    In the rope community, and in all of the kink community, consent is one of the primary matters to consider and receive PRIOR to doing ANYTHING with ANYONE. Make no assumptions; do not touch anyone without their permission. If you receive a "Yes!" then you have consent. A "No!" means . . . NO! At Rope Burn, words like, "stop," "quit," "no," etc. are all taken very seriously. If anyone is saying these words we expect the Top to stop and respect the request of the bottom. Yelling "Safe Word" will bring all play to a stop while you are assited, and it should only be used if your top ignores requests to stop. Any violation of this will result in immediate ejection from the event.
  • Who is this event for?
    This event is open to all male-identified, non-binary, and gender non-conforming persons regardless of skill level.
  • What is Shibari/Kinbaku
    Shibari, also known as Kinbaku, is an art form using learned skills to perform sensual, dramatic, and erotic rope bondage. Traditional shibari has its origins in Japan. Shibari is a style of rope art, it is not the only style. We welcome all styles of rope artists!
  • Is Rope Burn Accessible?
    Transform1060 is wheelchair accessible and ASL interpreters for the 101 class are available upon request.
  • What is the environment at a Rope Burn event?
    Rope Burn SF was created first and foremost to be a laidback, friendly environment for people to share their rope skills and learn from other members of the community. While not explicitly a play party, play is allowed (because rope is sexy and leads to some really great scenes!), but we do ask people to be respectful of others who may not be a part of your scene.
  • Do I need a partner or can I come alone?
    Having a partner is a great way to attend. However, some people do not have a partner or friend they can bring. Our pre-event meetup at Wicked Grounds from 6-7pm is a great place to meet people! We welcome everyone who comes, solo or partnered, and we can help you to find people to tie with for the first session. As with all things that come with adult responsibility, you will, however, have to work at finding partner(s) for future events. A great place to start is the Facebook group!
  • Is there Nudity?
    These events are private events and everyone who attends must sign waivers and rules forms, along with presenting a government-issued I.D. (used for age verification only) Nudity is allowed but not required. This ALWAYS a personal choice, so feel free to be as fully clothed or nude as you are comfortable with! If you do want to leave a little to the imagination, we recommend wearing tight-fitting clothes that are cool and comfortable -- something that you might wear to a yoga class, for example.
  • Is rope safe?
    Beginning rope work (hands tied to the bed, etc) is generally very safe and sexy! Rope play, in general, is considered "edge play," which means you have the potential to be hurt. We will cover some of the safety aspects of rope through a handout when you come to the party and via the LEARN link on this website. We strive to create a safe and fun environment, but like in any other sport or activity we make no guarantees that it is safe to do rope work.
  • What is it like to be tied?
    Each experience is unique to the individual, however, many tell us that it feels like a good hug or a massage. More advanced experiences can lead to ties that are beautifully decorative, painfully torturous, tightly bound, and/or put you in a creative predicament.
  • What is it like to tie?
    As you begin to tie you will find that your focus is on safety, proper execution, and placement. You may feel like you are going through a series of steps in order to achieve a particular outcome. Over time you will find that safety will ALWAYS be a concern, but you will be able to improve your flow and control.
  • What do I need to come to an event?
    Rope, safety shears, and yourself!
  • Is photography/drawing allowed?
    Yes, but ONLY with the consent of everyone in the photo/drawing (including the background). This goes along with our policy on consent.
  • Can I just watch?
    Watching is an acceptable action during an event, provided you are not interrupting or disturbing (being inappropriate) others. Watching more experienced riggers can be a great way to learn!
  • Do you have a question that is not covered here?
    Contact us and let us know!
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