Private Lessons

Private lessons both for individuals and groups. This is the ideal way to learn kinbaku, as it allows one-on-one attention for coaching both the top (rigger) and the bottom (bunny/submissive). Surprise! Rope bottoming is just as much of a skill as topping, and when the two are in harmony, they can push each other to their respective limits. Sessions vary, but are usually 2 hours and include proper warm-up + aftercare.


The goal is to provide you with strong basics/foundation and enough content to practice while challenging you to go farther on your own. Each lesson or series of lessons is tailored to your skill level and as time progresses, plans can be better modified on the fly. Following each class, you'll receive a custom pdf with a summary of the material covered, as well as video resources to go back and review later.


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BondageOtter regularly leads group classes and workshops both in public and privately organized. Workshops are a perfect opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded people in the community. If you're an organizer, please reach out if you're interested in hosting a workshop. Below are the organizations with which I organize myself or am consistently involved with.



BondageOtter has been doing public bondage demos and performances since 2017. He has performed at Lazy Bear, Folsom Street Events' Magnitude, and Magnekink to name a few. You can find videos of past performances here and here. If you would like to hire him to perform at your event, please use the Contact Form.